About us

The National Memo Store was established in 2016 to support the journalism of The National Memo, a news and opinion website dedicated to holding powerful figures accountable, investigating assaults on our democracy, providing trenchant analysis, and examining the critical issues that affect our daily lives.

At the National Memo Store, we hear your voices and want to amplify them with unique, clever gifts.  We always seek out the highest quality American-made and union-label items. Your ideas and comments are always welcome.

Who We Are

Joe Conason photo.    Joe Conason, editor-in-chief of The National Memo, is not only an award winning journalist and best-selling author, but the son of craft retailers who taught him to revere New Deal democracy -- and great domestic design.  When he isn’t uncovering the latest right-wing mendacity, you may see him on cable TV wearing one of his favorite Constitution ties. Joe can be reached via email:  Joe@nationalmemo.com

 Elizabeth Wagley photo   Elizabeth Wagley, publisher of The National Memo and proprietor of the National Memo Store, started her career in media at the Christian Science Monitor TV, but went on to work in the fields of human rights and public health. With twins, she has returned to media with a keen understanding of how responsible journalism educates and brings critical change. Her Bill of Rights scarf is a conversation starter on all her Zoom calls.  Elizabeth can be reached via email:  Elizabeth@nationalmemo.com

 We’re most grateful to all our customers for their support.  In these dark and challenging times, we need the sunlight of independent journalism more than ever – with an informed and engaged citizenry standing up to the forces of illiberalism and bigotry.

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